Why Get Your Car Heater Serviced

If you’re worried about your car’s heater not working as well this winter, don’t be. There are many easy explanations for why it might need to be serviced. Many people don’t realise that their car’s heater is actually a complex system, made up of many different parts that all need to be in good working order for the system to function properly.

One of the most common reasons why a car’s heater might not be working as well as it should is because the coolant level is low. Most cars have a closed cooling system, which means that the coolant doesn’t evaporate like water; instead, it circulates through the engine and radiator, and back into the reservoir. If there’s a leak in the system somewhere, though, the coolant level can drop, and that can cause the heater to stop working properly.

Heater control valves

You may not know this, but your car needs coolant to heat up. The coolant becomes hot as it circulates through your engine, and then goes to your heater core: a small radiator that holds the heated coolant and blows air over it. That warm air is then sent to the cabin of your car. The heater control valves must be open for the coolant to pass through to the heater core. If they’re not working properly, they’ll need to be replaced.

Air pockets

Air pockets in your heater core or hoses can block the movement of coolant and prevent your car from heating up. If you suspect this is the problem, bring your car to our shop. Our technicians will let out the air pockets and refill your cooling system if needed.

Open thermostat

The engine has a thermostat that opens and closes based on the temperature of the engine. When it is cold outside, and the engine is started, this thermostat gradually begins to open so that your car can reach operating temperature. If your thermostat becomes stuck in the open position, however, heat will be an escape from the engine and you won’t have any warm air blowing into your cabin while driving.

Electrical problems

Newer cars are largely dependent on electrical components. Blown fuses, a fan motor that doesn’t spin, a defective power relay, and loose wires can all contribute to problems with your car’s heater. Our shop mechanics are experienced in diagnosing and repairing vehicle electrical problems.


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