Air Conditioning Servicing

Why service your air conditioning system?

Your cars air conditioning system will lose 10-15% of its refrigerant every year, this means that after 3 years your system (if not serviced) can be down by as much as 45% of its refrigerant. This makes the compressor run for longer to achieve the same output requested or quite often less than requested. This will in turn reduce your MPG. In addition the longer compressor run time causes the running temperature to also increase, this mixed with less lubricant circulating (also due to low refrigerant level) will lead to premature compressor failure.

Do you get a ‘musty’ smell when using your air conditioning?

 This can be caused by a build up of fungus and bacteria within the evaporator core, which can emit a peculiar smell and sometimes lead to an allergic reaction in extreme cases. This is sometimes called ‘Sick Car Syndrome’. We can rectify this for you at relatively low cost, in most cases while you wait.

Did you know that your vehicle’s air conditioning system has an internal filter?

It is called a receiver drier or an accumulator, depending on the type of system your vehicle is fitted with. These have a 2 to 3 year life span, and only a 4 hour life span if open to atmosphere. If not replaced they can have dramatic effects on the service life of your system.