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Why choose BonAir?

Bonair was established in 1986, by Mike Bonny a former BMW technician and air conditioning specialist. He set Bonair up to be at the forefront of automotive air conditioning. This included fault diagnosis, repairs and even complete installs. This lead to being an approved installer for companies like Eberspacher, Webasto and carrying out complete installations for vehicle manufacturers on new vehicles. As such Bonair became the No1 place for automotive air conditioning fault diagnosis and repairs.

Today we are the preferred repairer for many local fast fit centres and we also assist several local main dealer workshops and Independent workshops alike with leak tracing and system fault rectification

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What makes us different?

You will see that now most Garages now have the facility to recharge air con systems some but not all air conditioning systems. To be qualified to recharge systems a technician will usually have completed about a 2 hour assessment on an automated machine, as well as answered several basic questions regarding the function of these systems.

Bonair differentiate themselves from these companies. Our experience has been built up over many years, not just repairing but also installing complete systems both into modern and classic vehicles. Our senior air conditioning technician has the highest AC qualifications available ( 3 year apprenticeship) This is combined with many years experience,  not just in vehicle air conditioning but also in marine and commercial systems and is also highly qualified motor vehicle engineer. He has therefore been able pass these skills on to all of our air conditioning technicians.

If you have been given advice and want a second opinion why not give us a call, it could save you money!

Bonair is part of the Autoworks Service and Repair Specialists brand and remains a family run business, with the same high values we started out with. We pride ourselves on offering you, our customer, only honest and straight forward advice.

We are Trading Standards and Trust my Garage approved.

Everything we do is delivered by people who care and who take pride in their work.

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